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George shares with us his experience of studying the IRRV Diploma...

‘Having undertaken the Level 3 Technical Certificate, I was keen to progress and continue my development with the Diploma. The course is challenging but extremely rewarding -  the ability to study in your own time without restrictions is helpful and there is plenty of support from the tutors when you need it. 
I would recommend undertaking the Diploma to anyone who would like to take the next step in their development. It has not only helped me develop my career but mainly it has helped in applying relevant practical and technical knowledge in my day to day role.’

George Draper IRRV (Dip) 
December 2019 


Tim shares with us his experience of studying the IRRV L3 Certificate... 

'Before taking the qualification, I think it would be fair to say, that I thought I knew my job really well. Now having studied, I actually do! There was plenty of support available from the tutors and from the website itself. It always felt like if I had a question or didn’t understand something, I could shoot off an email and get an answer quickly, which was useful. Also, when I completed tasks, they were marked quickly with detailed feedback.
The online portal was easy to use, and broke down all the different sections appropriately with learning materials, tasks, what you need to know etc. 
Perhaps more in the way of webinars or podcasts could be useful to help further support students. The PDF’s with the learning materials can be a little intimidating due to how much information is included, where as a webinar or podcast breaking down the different areas and explaining some bits could prove useful.
Whilst there was a lot of detail, this was also a good thing. I feel I have learnt a lot more via the distance learning route, and remember a lot more than others who have taken the qualification through, for example, the NVQ route.
Tim Morris Tech IRRV 
December 2019


Lisa tells us about studying for an IRRV Qualification ....

Considering studying for the Full Professional Qualification? - Let me answer your questions;

  • Was it hard work - oh yes;
  • Did I ever want to give up - many times;
  • Does it take a lot of commitment - yes, more than I had bargained for;
  • Was it worth it - absolutely
  • Where do I start?

If you are considering studying for the qualification, remember that it's a marathon not a sprint. You need to be focused and disciplined and be clear about what you want to achieve. The syllabus is designed to test you along the way with self-assessment questions and assignments. Personally, I found it helpful to do as many assignments as possible and get feedback from a professional - even if I did not always get the result I hoped for.

There were other students who did not follow this route, ignored the assignments and went to the revision week and hoped to pass the exams based on a few weeks work at the end of the year. Why put that much pressure on yourself?

Set aside some time each week and prepare yourself for the exams. Pace yourself. There is additional reading material noted in the syllabus, even if you pick up just one supplementary book, the benefits are worth the effort. You may find yourself enjoying a subject you previously thought was a bit dry - Law of Property springs to mind.

There is a vast network of people out there ready to help you out - use them. They may range from your fellow colleagues, to tutors and authors within the IRRV and not forgetting the Distance Learning Staff who provided me with invaluable support. You are not alone.

It is hard work and there were many times when I would question my sanity but yes - it was worth every minute of the effort I put in.

The qualification is well respected and the feeling of smugness I had the day my final results came through will just not go away.

Lisa Hayward IRRV (Hons) 


Kelly tells us how she benefited from taking the 'Pre-examination course'

'...This was my final module and I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and support whilst I have been on my distance learning journey. Most of all I found the pre-examination course fabulous and would definitely recommend to all candidates but especially  those on distance learning. It was a great opportunity to understand the structuring of exam questions, probability of questions to be on the paper and mostly the opportunity to consolidate learning and discuss any areas of concern.' 

Kelly Clarke Tech IRRV

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