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IRRV (Level 3) Certificate

The IRRV Certificate is for Local Taxation and Welfare Benefits staff up to middle management level. The course is designed for both Local Taxation and Welfare Benefits practitioners in the public and private sectors who wish to gain a professional qualification and further their careers. The Level 3 Certificate qualification leads to Technician level membership of the Institute and the designatory letters "Tech IRRV”.

The course

  • Promotes best administrative practices
  • Covers key legislation
  • Provides expert tuition 
  • Leads to IRRV Certificate Qualification & Technician Membership of the Institute
  • Is available throughout the UK and has been accredited in England, Wales and Northern Ireland by the National Regulators for England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Entry requirements

To be eligible to study for the IRRV (Level 3) Certificate examinations, candidates must be over 18 years of  age and ideally have gained some work experience. All students must ensure they are an IRRV member or apply for ‘Student’ membership when they enrol on the course. They cannot sit an examination unless they have been a member of the Institute for a minimum of 3 months.


Students take four subjects, consisting of one assignment and three subjects that are assessed by a 3-hour examination. It is not necessary to study all three subjects and the Centrally Assignment simultaneously, however candidates are required to complete all four exams/assignment within a 3-year period. This 3 year exam period starts from the date candidates successfully complete their first exam.

A summary of the 2020/2021 syllabus for the IRRV Level 3 Certificate (all streams) is available on IRRV website


You can select one stream most appropriate to you:

Revenues and Welfare Benefits Stream


  • Centrally Set Assignment

Choose one from:

  • Revenues and Local Taxation Administration
  • Welfare Benefits Administration

Choose two from:

  • Introduction to Council Tax
  • Introduction to Non-Domestic Rate
  • Introduction to Welfare Benefits

Non Domestic Rate Stream

Four mandatory subjects:

  • Centrally Set Assignment
  • Non Domestic Rates Administration
  • Introduction to Non Domestic Rate
  • Introduction to Valuation

Valuation Tribunal Stream

Four mandatory subjects:

  • Introduction to Council Tax
  • Introduction to Non Domestic Rate
  • Introduction to Rating Valuation
  • Valuation Tribunal Administration & Administrative Justice

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