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About Distance Learning

As the name suggests, you do not attend lessons, but study on your own, at home or wherever suits you. This is the most flexible option, as it allows you to decide where and when to study. It might sound isolating, but you are not alone.  Please click support for information about assisting you in your studies.

For more information, please download the webinar which will point you in the right direction when choosing the course.

How long am I expected to study?

It is advised that you study for 120 hours of guided learning hours for the course (that is 30 hours for each subject). In addition to this, sufficient amount of hours should be spent doing further reading, revision and exam practice.

It is up to you how you divide this time, but most students complete the subjects over a year or two. Once enrolled, you will have access to the study material for 3 years. All examinations for the qualification must be taken within a 3 -year span.

Everything you need

Once logged-in and registration approved, you will have everything at your fingertips to start studying. This includes access to module updates (released prior to the examinations), past exam papers, revision course information, assignment instructions and tutor profiles.

Your fellow students are a valuable tool in supporting your studies. Through our forums, you will be able to post comments and questions, exchange tips and share your learning experiences.

Importantly, The Latest News and events are also posted in the students area, so please check the site regularly and familiarise yourselves with the general Information and help and advice on studying.


Studying via Distance Learning also shows employers that you are focused, self-motivated, can manage time effectively and dedicated to achieve your goals.

To enrol now (either as a new student or progressing from one level to the next), simply click here

IRRV Services is the sole provider of the IRRV's Qualifications and unlike other methods of study you can enrol at any time in the year.

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