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Contact us:
Please telephone 020 7691 8984 or email distancelearning@irrv.org.uk for further information. Our address is:

Distance Learning

167 169 Great Portland Street

5th Floor,



How do I know which course is best for me?
Please listen to this webinar and download the syllabus, which you might find helpful.

How do I access these courses?
All you need to operate these courses is a simple browser and internet access. The system is easy to use and as it is Windows based will be familiar to learners. Entry to the programmes is gained by an Access Key code which can be obtained from the IRRV Distance Learning team (once you have enroled on the course these will be sent to you).

How long does each course last?
You are entitled to 3 years Distance Learning and tutor support and access to the course material.  Online registration is permissible for 3 months from order being placed.

What is in it for Students?
These distance learning courses aim to make learning fun and also convenient. You can't make people learn; they must want to learn themselves. But you can make it easier for them. Distance Learning is effective when it engages and motivates people and when their experience is as personal as possible. Users can dip in and dip out of the courses as they wish or tackle them sequentially, the decision is yours.

What about IRRV Membership?
For your information you MUST be a member of the IRRV in order to study the course, and have been a member for at least TWO months prior to attempting any examinations. It is therefore imperative that you apply for membership if you have not already done so. Visit the Join the IRRV page to find out how to apply for your IRRV membership. 

Where do we send our tasks now and in the future?
Before sending us your completed tasks, please keep a copy for your own records. You should complete your tasks online (for some subjects via email) via the relevant course programme. You can find the detailed instructions at the end of each pdf module.
How long will it take to get my tasks back?
Tasks submitted online will be marked within 10 days.  
If you are not quite sure how to submit your tasks online, please do contact us at distancelearning@irrv.org.uk.  
Where do I find the past exam papers?
All past exam papers are available via your member's area on our main website, www.irrv.net
Where do I find the Exam Application forms?
All Exam application forms are available on our main website, via this link Exam Application forms.
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