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IRRV Professional Diploma

The IRRV Professional Diploma is for those wishing to progress to senior positions. The candidates will be awarded with the IRRV Diploma Qualification. The Diploma is at Level 5 (of the current 8-level framework) in England and Wales, and Level 9 (of the current 12-level framework) in Scotland.

The Professional Diploma leads to Diploma Level Membership of the Institute and the designatory letters "IRRV (Dip)" and to proceed to the highest level Qualification, IRRV Honours. For more information on IRRV Honours, please click here or contact the IRRV Education Department, via email education@irrv.org.uk.

The course is designed for both Housing Benefits and Revenues staff who wish to gain a professional qualification and further their careers. The course:

  • Promotes best administrative practices
  • Covers key legislation
  • Provides expert tuition
  • Leads to IRRV Diploma Qualification & Diploma level Membership of the Institute
Entry Requirements

Candidates for the Revenues or Benefits streams of the Diploma MUST hold a qualification at least equivalent to A-Level, Scottish Highers or any qualification at Level 3 of the national framework (England and Wales) or Level 6 (Scotland) and have had substantial workplace experience.

To complete the IRRV Diploma takes one to three years. You may enter all subjects of the qualification in one session, or you may enter for them singly or in any combination over a period of three years. In order to gain a full pass for the qualification you will need to pass all subjects and assignments within a three-year period. A three-year period comprises five consecutive examination sessions and two assignments.

A summary of the 2019/2020 syllabus is available on the IRRV website.  


For more information download the webinar which will point you in the right direction when choosing the course.



All students MUST study all Common Core subjects/assignment and choose one of the following streams. Students must study:

  • Centrally Set assignment
  • Management
  • Management Case Study


All students MUST study 2 subjects in total.

choose one of the following subjects:

  • Revenues & Local Taxation Administration & Public Sector Finance
  • Welfare Benefits Administration & Public Sector Finance
  • Valuation for Rating *


choose one of the following subjects:

  • Council Tax Law & Practice
  • Non Domestic Rating Law & Practice
  • Welfare Benefits Law & Practice
  • Law of Property


*Valuation for Rating is only available to candidates who have previously passed Introduction Valuation or Valuation Theory and Practice at IRRV Level 3 Certificate.Candidates who have not previously passed one of the above Level 3 Certificate subjects may take Level 3 Certificate Introduction to Valuation instead of Diploma Valuation for Rating.Candidates wishing to take Level 3 Certificate Introduction Valuation at the same session as Diploma papers may not be able to take all papers at the same session. Consult the examination session timetable or enquire with the IRRV for further details.
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