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You are never alone:

  • The Distance Learning staff and subject tutors are available to help and advise you in any way that we can. We are there for you every step of the way.
  • Don't forget that fellow students are also an invaluable tool, and with our forums, it's easy to communicate with them.
  • You are also eligible to attend Student Days (one per year), where you can meet tutors and fellow students.
  • There are also revision courses, which are useful when approaching exam time.
  • Also, once you are registered, there is lots of advice on how to effectively study and make the most of your Distance Learning experience

Student Days:

  • Student Days are the ideal opportunity for you to meet the Distance Learning staff and tutors. Dates and locations for upcoming Student Days will be released soon.  
Both current and prospective students are welcome to attend these Student Days. To find out more about these events call 020 7691 8984 or email distancelearning@irrv.org.uk.

Support from family and friends is also important when you study for a qualification, so here are some tips on how to get the very best support:

  • Start a household rota and get the whole family to help out. This will help you free up time for learning.
  • Whenever your confidence dips, phone the most positive and optimistic person you know for support.  Imagine that they are your own personal support officer.
  • Get to know other students studying for the qualification so you can share the experience and spur each other on.
  • Get into the habit of sharing what you learn with your partner, family and friends.  You'll find that most of them will want to hear about what you're doing and how you're progressing.  
For more information download the webinar which will point you in the right direction when choosing the course:
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