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Subjects & Examinations

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Which part of the UK are you studying?Wales

IRRV Level 3 Certificate

Revenues & Welfare Benefits Stream

Centrally Set Assignment
(choose two of the following subjects)
Introduction to Council Tax
Introduction to Non-Domestic Rate
Introduction to Welfare Benefits
(choose one of the following subjects)
Revenue & Local Taxation Administration
Welfare Benefits Administration

Non Domestic Rates Stream

Centrally Set Assignment
Non Domestic Rate Administration
Introduction to Non Domestic Rate
Introduction to Valuation

Valuation Tribunal Stream

Introduction to Council Tax
Introduction to Non Domestic Rate
Introduction to Valuation for Rating
Valuation Tribunal Administration & Administrative Justice

IRRV Professional Diploma

All Diploma students must study Common Core
Centrally Set Assignment
Management Case Study
All students MUST study 2 subjects in total.

choose one of the following subjects:
Revenues & Local Taxation Administration & Public Sector Finance
Welfare Benefits Administration & Public Sector Finance
Valuation for Rating *

choose one of the following subjects:
Council Tax Law & Practice
Non Domestic Rate Law and Practice
Welfare Benefits Law and Practice
Law of Property
*Valuation for Rating is only available to candidates who have previously passed Introduction Valuation or Valuation Theory and Practice at IRRV Level 3 Certificate. Candidates who have not previously passed one of the above Level 3 Certificate subjects may take Level 3 Certificate Introduction to Valuation instead of Diploma Valuation for Rating. Candidates wishing to take Level 3 Certificate Introduction Valuation at the same session as Diploma papers may not be able to take all papers at the same session. Consult the examination session timetable or enquire with the IRRV for further details.


If you have any disability which might affect your study or taking the examination please let the Institute know by providing details in the box opposite, as there may be some way that assistance can be provided.

If you would like to order printed copies of the material charged at £50 plus VAT per subject please indicate in the box opposite for which subject(s) you would like the materials and how many copies you would like.

Proposed Examination Date

(Please select your choice below - the date you choose is for our guidance only and will not be binding upon you. It is your own responsibility to complete the examination entry form and return it to the IRRV by the date specified).

I intend to take examinations at the following sittings:December 2021
June 2022
December 2022
June 2023
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