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Enrolment and Fees


To enrol for the distance learning course, please complete the ONLINE ENROLMENT FORM

Alternatively you can download a Word Doc Enrolment form by clicking here.

Once completed, you can email it back to us at distancelearning@irrv.org.uk, fax it back on 020 7831 2048 or post it to:

IRRV Distance Learning
Northumberland House
5th Floor
303-306 High Holborn


All fees are subject to VAT.

IRRV Level 3 Certificate

(3 subjects + 1 assignment)

£385.00 for single subject

£85 for an assignment


IRRV Professional Diploma

(4 subjects + 1 assignment)

£85 for an assignment

(£505.00 for Management & Management Case Study)

£385 per other subject
Printed copies of Subjects (optional)
Online access extension
(Printed copies of subjects cost extra)

(one year online extension if required / per subject)
per subject



Other fees to consider (payable to the IRRV):

Membership ALL distance learning students must be a Student member* of the IRRV (VAT doesn't apply to this fee) £105.00
per year**
Membership Entrance Fee A one-off entrance fee is payable when you apply for Student membership (VAT doesn't apply to this fee) £32.00
one-off fee
Examination Fees IRRV Level 3 Certificate

Examination Fees IRRV Professional Diploma

There are 3 examinations & 1 assignment. These fees are payable per subject examination/ assignment 

There are 4 examinations and 1 assignment. These fees are payable per subject examination & an assignment.




*Technician Membership is acceptable for Diploma students instead of Student Membership
**Price quoted is for Student Membership for 2016. Fees for subsequent years are payable at rates set by IRRV

***All fees quoted above are subject to VAT (20%)

Please note student members sitting examinations need to be an active member of the Institute for the period up until 31st December when they apply for, sit examinations and/or receive their results.

Please note that you must be a member of the Institute in order to study this course. Visit the Join the IRRV page to find out how to apply for your IRRV Membership.

If you require any further information, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as is possible. Please email distancelearning@irrv.org.uk or call the office on 020 7691 8984.

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